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Uppsala - Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala Universitet (Uppsala), which is the oldest university in Scandinavia, encompasses nine faculties, with about 40,000 students, and c. 6,000 employees. The university has more than 500 full professors, of which about 20% are women. Some 4,000 undergraduate degrees and about 400 doctorates are awarded every year.
The annual turnover of Uppsala University is MSEK 4,300, of which nearly 70% is devoted to
research and postgraduate education. More than 50% of the research budget is funded from external sources.

Uppsala University follows Swedish law regarding equal rights and allows no discrimination due to gender, race, religion or sexual preferences. The university has a strong program for monitoring that the regulations are followed.

The Department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University has significant experience in CO2 storage through its involvement in two EU projects, CO2SINK ( and MUSTANG (, as well as acquiring, processing and interpreting surface and borehole seismic surveys. This experience will be applied to advancing active seismic monitoring methods in WP3. The department is especially suited to carry out research at the Ketzin site since it has been involved in nearly all aspects of the previous active seismic studies at the site.