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Imperial - Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

Imperial College is a technological university having a strong international reputation in teaching and
research across the main areas of science and technology. The College has around 3200 full-time academicand research members of staff.

The Department of Earth Science and Engineering at Imperial College is a multi-disciplinary department, integrating fundamental earth science research with related petroleum, environmental, mining and minerals engineering. In the 2008 Higher Education Funding Council Research Assessment Exercise, covering all UK universities, the department's research was evaluated as excellent and of international significance.

Through its research into unconventional gas reservoir flow and geomechanical characterisation, multiphase and compositional simulator development, and clean energy technologies since the late 80’s, the Group representing Imperial College in CO2CARE is recognised as a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence in CO2 storage research. Research conducted over the years has been funded by the European Commission, the industry (BP, Texaco, Shell, Statoil, Vatenfall, etc.), the UK Research Councils (EPSRC and NERC) and the UK Government. Numerical models, statistical and geostatistical simulation tools and remote sensing techniques have been integrated to develop quantitative risk assessment methodologies for CO2 storage risk and uncertainty assessment.

In CO2CARE, Imperial will be coordinating WP1, as well as contributing to WPs 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, carrying out experimental and numerical research into wellbore and caprock integ rity, storage complex remediation technologies such as pressure gradient reversal and polymer gel treatment, and post-closure risk management in particular.