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7th CO2GeoNet Open Forum and 3rd CGS Europe Knowledge-sharing workshop

17-19. April 2012, Venice, San Servolo Island, ITALY
CO2CARE presentations by
Mario Wipki (GFZ) and Amer Syed (Imperial College)
The forum is a unique opportunity to:
  • meet and interact directly with Europe's largest network of researchers on CO2 geological storage;
  • catch up on the latest scientific developments in CO2 storage research;
  • exchange with other CCS stakeholders: operators, regulators, NGOs, etc.;
  • hear presentations on science, demo experiences, regulatory issues, international networks, etc.;
  • participate in dialogue sessions;
  • learn more about the international CCS scene and players.  
True European coverage is now possible as the Open Forum is organized through CGS Europe,
an FP7
Pan-European Coordination Action on the geological storage of CO2,
in which all CO2GeoNet members are involved.